My Month in Books (#22)

I had to restrain myself from ordering a PSL at Starbucks yesterday, ya’ll. Because…it feels like fall! 🍁🍂

Mind you, I still managed to get a bit sunburned yesterday because I forget that sunscreen is always important. Aside from the fact that this was my 37th summer on this earth and I’ve been responsible for my own sun protection for 20-25 of those years (so, really, I have ZERO excuses), apparently I’m not always so good at learning lessons, even when they arise repeatedly.

But that isn’t really the point. I’d love to say I was a reading machine this month. That would be a huge lie. I’ll explain more below, and if you’ve made it this far, you might as well scroll down. ⬇️

Highlights from August: Celebrating my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary (‼️) with a glorious, relaxing weekend with them, my hubby, and my brother and SIL at a luxury woodlands resort in northern Pennsylvania; reaching a huge milestone in the work project I’ve been working on for 14 months; discovering that both of the local grocery stores I frequent carry my favorite brand of frozen burritos; finally getting to announce to friends and loved ones that we’re expecting a little one in March; having the veggie garden’s output perfectly align with my pregnancy cravings (tomato sandwiches FTW)


Not highlights: Realizing that all the books and websites and friends were not lying when they said the first trimester will knock a lady for a loop — I have NEVER been so tired in my life. And my newly rekindled affection for Jolly Ranchers? They were the only thing that made a dent in the constant nausea. But, truly, it’s all worth it.

But let's talk about some books, shall we?

August was busy with loads of family stuff, deadlines at work, and growing a tiny human. The truth is that I leaned into listening to my body, and so I spent a lot of the non-busy time resting. These days I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow, so my habit of reading at bedtime was pretty effectively sidelined. This is all a way of saying that my reading output was pretty minimal.

A list of books I’m currently reading:

  • Women in the Castle. A woman in Germany whose husband was executed for his involvement in a plot to kill Hitler gathers a group of fellow resistance survivors in her husband’s ancestral castle immediately post-WWII. Beautifully written, but I had to leave it behind when I traveled so I’ve gotten a little off track.

  • The Wildflowers. Harriet Evans is one of my few remaining auto-buy authors. This one is a family drama full of secrets and so far spanning WWII and the late 70s/early 80s. Really enjoying it so far.

  • Nurture. This is where I admit that all those health books I’ve been reading in the last year were related to pregnancy (getting pregnant, being pregnant, etc.) . This one was recommended in numerous places that I trust, and I really appreciate that it’s written by a doula, so it has a different orientation than many of the standards.

A list of the book I finished reading:

  • Zilch. I said it was a slow reading month. 🤷‍♀️

Otherwise, I’m sad to say that the laundry debacle in my house has reached apocolyptic levels.

  • I have no clean clothes that fit,

  • Little dude has no socks (and since I buy him more every month, I’m not sure how that’s possible),

  • I’m not entirely sure what my husband’s deal is, but it’s dire.

Truly, the black hole that traditionally lives only in the dryer has expanded to the whole house.


Please send help:


So looking ahead, there will clearly be an obscene amount of laundry.


But also, hopefully, a whole lotta reading. (Or at least more than in August.)


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go track down enough socks (and clothes) to get everyone through the long weekend. Talk to you later, friends!