My Month in Books (#19)

Welcome to June, or as I like to call it: The Time of the Thunderstorms. Truth is that I actually like thunderstorms unless (1) they’re super destructive, (2) they get in the way of my travel plans (ahem, last Thursday), (3) I have to be out and getting wet (Saturday). So basically I like thunderstorms when I can chill at home all cozy and safe (with bonus points to storms that don’t knock out the power).

But THAT IS NOT THE POINT. The point is that May is over and I read a whole lot, and we should talk about that. ⬇️

Highlights from May: Spending Mother’s Day weekend with my mama; visiting my BFF since kindergarten and her brand-new hubby; getting to catch up with some old friends; practicing the art of setting boundaries; planting this year’s garden (which happened on Saturday, so was technically in June, but whatevs…plus I just wanna leave this GIF right here, so..)


Not highlights: um, I’m sure there were some, but I’ve been working on being more mindful, in-the-moment, conscious, whatever you want to call it…and when I look back on May, I can’t come up with anything that really bugged me that much.

But let's talk about some books, shall we?

I read a fair amount in May. Some were continuations of books I started in April. Others were new. Some I finished, others I didn’t. So, let’s take a gander, shall we?

A list of books I’m currently reading:

  • Do Less, which I started and loved last month. Read a bit more, got sidetracked, lent it to a friend who needed it more than I did. I will 1000% finish this…and I even bought the e-book when it was on sale. But my brain was drawn more to pressing matters and fiction this month. Plus, as noted above, I’ve been working on setting boundaries, which is a result of this book. Hurrah!

  • The Misinterpretation of Tara Jupp. Still reading this one, too. It’s long, and I only have it in paperback. When I travel I often like to take my Kindle, since it takes up less room. That’s the only reason why I didn’t finish this one…well, that and Beatriz Williams, but we’ll get to that below.

  • I am also in the middle of two health-related books that I’m not going to identify because, again, while I’m willing to share a lot of stuff with the interwebs, I prefer to keep some things to myself. Nothing’s really wrong. I’m just educating myself.

A list of books I finished reading:

  • A Hundred Summers. I found Beatriz Williams several years ago and always plow through her books. So when I saw this e-book for $1.99, you better believe I jumped in with both feet. Soooo good. I love her writing AND her storytelling. She is a master of pacing. Once I finished this one, I was inspired to go back to another of hers I started reading a couple years ago and fizzled out on…

  • A Certain Age. I started reading this back when I was in my super-picky, no-book-is-good-enough phase where I had no patience. If a book didn’t grab me immediately, it was toast. I had previously only read the first chapter of this. Turns out there’s a lot of recommend it when you actually let the story start to unfold (duh!). Anyhoo, this wasn’t necessarily my fave BW book, but it was very satisfying nonetheless. The pacing was spectacular. Beatriz really knows when to end a chapter!

  • The Summer Wives. After that, I was hard on the scent for more. My local library system (rural and therefore without a spectacular selection) only had one BW book, but fortunately I hadn’t yet read it. Another great read. This one had three intertwining storylines instead of two, so it was a bit harder to follow, but it was well worth flipping back (er, scrolling back) to find details I wanted to check/confirm.

I have to laugh because my goal for May was to finish at least one of the books I started in April, which I definitely didn’t do. But I am most definitely in a really solid reading streak, and it feels fantastic. It’s funny, because I’ve always thought that I don’t really like historical fiction that much. But if you go back and take a look at what I’ve been reading over the past year, there’s more of it than almost anything else, I think. Between my mania for WWII books every few months and remembering that I really dig historical fiction that alternates between multiple storylines, it turns out I DO like it. I might even (dare I say?) LOVE it.

True story: I have NO IDEA what I’ll be reading next. I’ve accumulated a lot of new-to-me books over the past few months that I haven’t even touched (tsk tsk), so I have plenty to choose from. It’s kind of exciting not to have a plan. (And I tell you, friends…coming from me, that last sentence is practically heretical.)

Wishing you all a fantastic month of reading! Tell me what you’re loving right now!