My Month in Books (#18)

Spring has finally sprung around here, or it’s starting to. April was A. Month. Not necessarily a bad month, but a month when a lot of things happened, good and not-so-good. But I survived. And THAT is good. I also started reading A LOT of books, so let’s head below to chat about that ⬇️

Highlights from April: Spending a lovely weekend in Philadelphia with my brother, sister-in-law, and niece-puppy; practicing baseball with the kiddo; having my injured pup recover to her usual zany self; starting seeds for this year’s garden.


Not highlights: Lots of big and little frustrations; feeling unfocused a lot of the time.

But let's talk about some books, shall we?

If you count the number of books I’ve read part of this month, I sound super impressive. However, if you count the number of books I finished reading this month, a bit less so. Basically, my brain was not into focusing the month.

A list of books I started reading:

  • Do Less, which is spectacular and I will 1000% finish reading this because it’s giving me new hope at life.

  • The Hating Game, which I tend to pick up every few months and read for a bit. Maybe someday I’ll make it all the way though? I dunno.

  • Mantras in Motion. I’ll be honest: I bought this one on Kindle sale because I like the idea of it, but I’m not sure how well it translates to page. To be fair, I didn’t try very hard. And my attention span for books this month was…not great. So don’t read anything into this.

  • The Spirit Almanac, which I just got and imagine I’ll read through over time, since it covers the whole year. I’m finding myself leaning heavily toward the woo-woo these days, and the book’s premise is pretty delightful in my eyes.

  • The Misinterpretation of Tara Jupp. which is a companion to The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets. The story has some ties to its predecessor, but it’s set years later. It’s also a lovely story that is partially set in Cornwall, so there’s much to enjoy. Still working my way through it, but it’s a re-read, so there’s no mystery there. Just appreciation.

A list of books I finished reading:

  • I Remember Nothing. Now, I love Nora Ephron’s movies, so it’s no surprise that I would enjoy this quick collection of essays. I’m a bit shocked, actually, that I’ve never read any of her essays until now. Funny, easy, thoughtful. I see myself seeking out more of her essays in the future.

  • The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets. I started reading this last month, so you can go back and read what I said about it there. I do have to correct the record, though. I called it a poor woman’s I Capture the Castle, which I regret. It has MANY similarities (seriously, a lot), but I feel bad for implying that it doesn’t stand up on its own (it does, for sure).

My goal for May is to finish at least one of the books I started in April. It’s equal money that I can do that without getting distracted…so only time will tell.

And though I have more than one (more than 50?) books on my shelves that I’ve never read, I can always used a good suggestion. So tell me, friends: is there a favorite of yours I should try?