My Month in Books (#13) - Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Here's what you need to know about November: I traveled a lot (again!), I didn't read very much (sad face), and even though it was a pretty good month in a lot of ways, I'm delighted it's over. But you'll notice I said I didn't read much, not that I didn't read at all. Wonder what the heck that means? Hop on down below to see:

A bookshelf filled with colorful book spines. Overlaid text reads "My month in books."

A bookshelf filled with colorful book spines. Overlaid text reads "My month in books."

Highlights from November: Getting to see family and my best friend when celebrating a birthday and Thanksgiving. Reconnecting with a long-lost best friend from college. Puppy snuggles when I was home. Surviving my first winter-y commute. The anticipation of two much-needed weeks off at the end of the year!

Not highlights: Same as last month, which is to say flight delays (and more airports/train stations where I've cried). The still-infinite pile of laundry (also, I've now discovered the tipping point at which I start running out of essentials: undies, fuzzy socks, and pajama pants -- send help!).

But let's talk about some books, shall we?

I only read one book in its entirety: The Infinite Pieces of Us by Rebekah Crane. I think I must have gotten it as a Kindle freebie at some point, so it was just hanging out on my device when I sat down on my flight to Boston a few weeks ago and realized I'd forgotten to plan what I was going to read. The best part? I really enjoyed it! It was a thoughtful and well-crafted story, and I loved reading as Esther found a tribe and healed herself.

I'm also finally reading Love in the Time of Cholera, which has been on my TBR list for two decades (and yes, typing that made me feel old). My best friend and I decided to use it as the first choice for our new, virtual, no-pressure book club. Because, for real, while I'm all for reading and want to do more of it, she and I are both busy people who don't need another thing hanging over our heads and making us feel guilty. The solution? We'll read it and talk about it as we go, even if it takes months. But the book itself? Two thumbs up so far. Beautiful writing and the perfect travel companion.

So, to recap: subpar reading month, but it was good enough and I'm done making myself feel bad about how much (and what) I do and don't read.

And since we just celebrated Thanksgiving in my part of the world, I'll take a moment to say that, no matter how much I whine, I'm grateful for where I am. Because when I dig under all the surface stress, I'm happier than I've been in years. Also, I'm grateful for you, who takes the time to spend a few minutes of your day reading my words.

Tell me, friends: What are you grateful for these days?