Vegetables & Bucket Lists

I know, I know. You're thinking: what can those two things possibly have in common?!? (A totally fair question, I grant you.) Well, let me tell you... The backyard is now home to my very first VEGETABLE GARDEN!!!!!! And since growing vegetables has been on my BUCKET LIST for years, I'm beyond jazzed at this development. You see, my super handy-dandy husband built me a raised bed. Then we filled it with compost, soil, and peat moss (definitely not the most fun afternoon of my life - stinky & dirty & hot - plus I'm a total wuss about manual labor). AND THEN I planted vegetables. Lovely, happy little vegetables. (My husband also put up some fencing around it to keep out deer and bunnies...and our dogs.)

And now my heart is bursting with a completely outsized volume of pride at something that many people have been doing for centuries (millennia?). BUT STILL, it's new to me, and therefore I feel it's worth celebrating.

We've got tomatoes, and cucumbers, and carrots (oh my!). And swiss chard, and zucchini, and eggplant (oh my! again!). And, on the advice of my mother-in-law/gardening guru, I planted some marigolds to ward off pests.

It's probably worth noting that, historically, I am Bad News for plants, so this might all end in a firestorm of tears and withered vegetation. But I'm choosing instead to be cautiously optimistic that my odds will have improved by virtue of now living in the country (which obviously changes whichever gene is responsible for gardening ability ;)) and having several gardeners extraordinaire on speed dial.

Otherwise known as, please cross your fingers for me and send me all your good plant-growing vibes!